Producers´Gallery „Kunstschalter“ at Weyerstraße



Nov. 25,1989

Moving into Weyerstraße 30, near Barbarossaplatz; opening of Producers´Gallery „Kunstschalter“ at Weyerstrasse 30, by Ulrich Eichhorn, Wilhelm Ehlers, Rainer Resch and Monika Scharpf.


February 04.1990
Preview with chanting: Bibi Koßmann, and Performance: Winfried Gür.
Moderation: Thomas Hackenberg und Thomas Bleidieck.

Jochen Zenzen (*1950 Bonn)
“OtherWooden Figures"
The Beuys´ studentdevelopslargewooden sculpturesandplayfulfurniture.
Gallery ownerand chairmanof the group "81 Leimen" 

Michael Tromp (*1957 Goch)
Spatial compositionsof wood, glassandsteel.
Freelanceartistsince 1986 - Gallery and Workshop at Rathenauplatz,
“Köln Schaufenster”(CologneShowcase)MichaelTrompDesign

Lorose Keller: "Lazy Sunday Afternoon", Reading.

Mark Feustel & Michael Zöllner, "M & M" . Paintings and Sculptures
Feustelconceptually sets very different - stylisticallyand of content - visual themes
in rows, also“Zöllnersfiberglasssculptures”irritateironically.

Roland Bergère - "Coup de filet"
Human figures, scavenged from therepertoire of art historyused as guidelines or confronted
with themselves, throughvarious elements such asmasks, puttiorskulls.

Ulrich Eichhorn, "Avant Glas"
"Art to be touched, profaned, tactile, sensuous, touchable."
Jürgen Kisters on Ulrich Eichhorn

Aggressor of Armageddon "Phantastic Realism Phobia"
As key element of creativity David Grasekam /"AoA" names forethinking,to fully capturethe possibilities
of the human spiritand to express them via painting.

"The World Peace Net Run Show" - Japan
with Shozu Shimamoto , Mayumi Handa, Ryosuke Cohen accompanying and supporting
„World Peace Net Run Show“ of Denis Banks und Northern American native Indians
with a
performance of baldhead projections, excessive hairdos and an artistic re-arranging
of visitor´s vehicles..

"From the poison board" Erotic Phantasies. With no intention to discuss the character of erotic, but to show quite a number of standpoints and confrontations on these elements, with
Roland Bergère, Ulrich Eichhorn, Andreas Fasbender, Al Hansen, Jörn Loges, Pietro Pellini, Berbesz, Monika Scharpff and Michael Zöllner

"Tata West" Ingeborg Broska + Satkar Packeiser

The notorious Cologne Eat-Art-ress Inge Broska shows 16 original size pig half-bodies made
of bone glue, by this setting a monument for the pigs as actual martyrs of consumers´society.

"Tenderness for colours and pigs" + Performance by Hans-Jörg Tauchert: “Tender sirloin steak, Caressing & Brushing"+ ActionThomas Hackenberg" Theshellac´s loose”"Packeisers painting
is a waytoinner images, itworks spontaneouslyflowing,his expressive, abstract paintingsdo not representintellectoremotion, butfree expression.”

Thorsten Schneider + Wilhelm Ehlers  "Unformart" Performance
by Winfried Gür "Leder und der Schwan"

Stefan Römer + Hellmut Weggen, „The chilling before Future blindness"
Three exhibitions (Köln, Berlin, Paris) hold a coherency by problematizing an artistic way from converging, structural probing to the intention of chancing the spectators´ conscience.

Helene Herber-Hering - Berlin, „New Oil paintings"

We show a work complex of her big size poetic expanse paintings as well as finely structured reticular works on paper and canvas.

"Hurly Burly at Christmas Switch“ („Trubel im Weihnachtsschalter" )
Exhibition with sixty artists. Works are shown right through all genres
. By this heaping of art an exhibition develops showing a very special actual overview on a number of freelance Cologne artists.

Doro Aust, Anja Bach, Theda Besser, Martin Birzle, Gregor Bendel, Roland Bergére, Alexis Derchain, Philip Doose, Ulrich Eichhorn, Katharina Eckart, Thino Grünwald, Isa Genzken, Lothar Götz, Barbara Hirschfeld, Helene Herber- Hering, Fanny Kordas, Roger Lips, Rüdiger Krischel, Gabriele Küstner, Michael Kisslinger, Frank de Lentdecker, Reinhardt Mundt, Pietro Pellini, Henning Oppermann, Stefan Römer, Claudia Pannhausen, Eckbert Reinhardt, Rainer Resch, Matina Spaett, Nicole Rischke, Beate Ronig, SMart, Hans-Jörg Tauchert, Horst Werder, Eusebius Wirdeier, Norbert Willing, Helmut Weggen, Andreas Weische
Conference: Thomas Hackenberg

+ Fashion showby MartinaTeepeandUlliJanich
PopulationgeneratorMichael Springer, performanceJo Zimmermann
+Ann Kathrin"A love story?”
An overview of free unknown artscene from all areas. At the end of that year
MonikaScharpff + WilliamEhlers move awayfrom the gallery, NiniFlickandAlejandroScassotake their place. Thomas Hackenbergstarted his project with the WDR
Radio Drama- Art-Gallery in“Kunstschalter”.


Wolfgang Freund (* 1963 in Cologne) "Virus"
Caution! Contagion Danger ! We live in the age of viruses. The painted Timber Saw Works by Wolfgang Freund give humorous insight into the stridently colourful world of our little treacherous basement fellow dwellers.
Ulrich Eichhorn "Erotic Glass Carvings" Theda Besser, "Jewelry Objects".




Roland Bergère (* 1963 Lorient / F.) "Tete a queue"
Bergère puts coloured portraits of already known, deceased artists as Modigliani, Gauguin or Schwitters next to portraits of artists of the current Cologne art scene with sprayed neon structures.

WDR - Radio Drama "How the stork gets into the egg?" by Wilhelm Nünnerich

Georgy Bretschneider "Hard Times"
Georgy Bretschneider presents collages and assemblages, figurative painting with formal language.
The use of polyurethane foam and many other materials such as plastic forks, beads or gravel gives his images a vivid character.
“Assemblages in the Basement”: Paintings by Roman Pompe.

WDR - radio drama, "The eyes of the wolf" by Reinhardt Jung

Klaus Sommerfeld, (* 1953 Berlin) "In Cologne" - Paintings - assemblages
Sommerfeld shows painterly and sculptural works, which by their casual, playful handwriting, appear both elderly and modern. It focuses on the creative pleasure of exhibitionism that feels at home in all styles and rejects any petty unification.

WDR - Radio Drama “Anna Paula drape” by Axel Scheibchen.




Art Fair Nürnberg 6 "Pips-Kunstschalter-and-friends-coop"
On this alternative fair for art and communication artists and friends of “Kunstschalter” and the “Pips Dada Cooperation” unite, and in collaboration with Claudia Pütz show the different artistic concepts currently processed in Cologne and Bonn. Theda Besser, Roland Bergére, Katharina Eckart, Ulrich Eichhorn, Thino Grünwald, Claudia Pütz, SMart, Hans-Jörg Tauchert, Harald "Sack" Ziegler, Jörg Zimmermann, Norbert Willing




Sybille Peretti, (* 1964 in Cologne) + Werner Neumann (* 1949 in Cologne) "No Emergency Exit"
The work of Sibylle Peretti and Werner Neumann in their relentless work is directed at the ignorance of the citizen, returning, after interested though indifferent perception, to regular agenda without controversial thoughts.
In Basement: Frank de Lentdecker "Neon Painting"

WDR - radio drama, "The eyes of the wolf" by Reinhardt Jung

Klaus Sommerfeld, (* 1953 Berlin) "In Cologne" - Painting - assemblages

"Profane realism", painting
Performance: "Topless' – On occasion of “Tata West” 1991 eight artists show profane items such as gas stations, Volkswagen buses and trams, fish in the pond, a construction site at the Cologne Neumarkt or a swim in the Fühlinger Lake. The Community Performance "Topless" is jointly enacted by the members present at the vernissage by displaying their profane chests through the holes cut at breast height in a 3 x 3 meter board. - Andrew Bakos / Roland Bergére / Thino Grünwald / Andreas Hentrich / Olaf Hoffmann / Frank de Lentdecker / Kerstin Sollich

Sylvia Johannes "White room"
The room concept shows the variability of spaces by means of sandwich paper.
The smooth wall provides a tactile experience, and physical sensuality in white.
The entire art gallery “Kunstschalter”, through the use of the material in the entire space and a fog machine, appears to completely dissolve in their premises, creating a unique interactive experience to the visitor. - Authorical reading of Hans Joachim Over.

“Nothing" at Art Cologne
As a counterpoint to the redundant purely commercialized art practices of “Art Cologne”, “Kunstschalter” in collaboration with Pietro Pellini and various Cologne artists show explicitly nothing. The ideal occasion to deal about the doleful themes artists and the art market in Cologne, with the visitors. In contrast to the for some rather humiliating commercial battle that we face as a sincere artist in the exhibition halls, we offer a break in familiar surroundings.




Ulrich Eichhorn / Roger Lips "Glass & Photography"
Both artists in this exhibition deal with the issue Sexuality. Lips preferably represents tenuous, emotional desire, warily and solicitous touching of two people, supported by overlays or strong technical blurs. Eichhorn on his free-blown glass objects shows engraved figures reminiscent of classical reliefs that relishly seduce the viewer.




Exit from the Weyerstraße

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