Kunstschalter e.V. transforms to KunstWerk Koeln e.V.

In June 2001 the “Kunstschalter e.V.” renamed to be “KunstWerk Köln

This name change was considered necessary by members of the Association “Kunstschalter e.V.”., to produce a maximum identification for the tenants of the “KunstWerk”.

To my regret, increasingly the identity of the socio-cultural reference of the Kunstschalter eV got lost, moreover this was indeed considerd by many artists and musicians with objections and distress, and set in a context of a "hobby artistry", as well as conceived as “coming to close” to the allegedly “misinterpreted” artistic-social implications of Joseph Beuys.

In November 2005 after my final two years of work in the exhibition committee, I completely resigned on the press work for the KunstWerk Cologne eV completely, as also here the bobbing-in-itself at “KunstWerk Cologne” could not get along with my goal-oriented pursuit, also my call for minimum wage suffered a complete rigor in favor of the reconstruction and renovation of the house.

This meant that cooperation with the work of KunstWerk Cologne eV increasingly turned out as self-exploitative or inefficient; as for everyone it might be important to prioritize, I allowed myself after nearly ten years of volunteer work almost exclusively KunstWerk Cologne at the end of 2005, to disagree here, just for me to put up other priorities, and drew the logical conclusion to retire from the KunstWerk the following year.

So I finished my decade-lasting intensive volunteering for the KunstWerk Cologne eV, of which I more than half the time I was active as a board member.

Since then, I have been devoting to my own existence and fresh new projects increasingly, via "Kunstschalter eV", which is again more than ever in my hand, having been established in June 2008 in Berlin as a new “Kunschalter Berlin eV.”.


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